I'm Not Really Into Cooking

I'm not really into cooking, but I don't mind baking every once in awhile. This weekend my Mom and I decided we should make some sugar cookies for v-day. It was kind of a tradition growing up for my sister and I to make these cookies with our Mom, and not just for Valentine's day. We would make them for many different holidays. Anyway, these have got to be the best cookies, EVER. I may be a little bias (family recipe) but, I would say these cookies are better than Kneaders or Paradise. Yeah, I just said that. 

Happy Valentine's day tomorrow.


  1. I am in major need of a good tried and true sugar cookie recipe. I made a random sugar cookie recipe yesterday and dale gave them 4/10 stars. Ouch. Since im in your family, does that mean you get to share the recipe with me?

  2. Yum! I'm too nervous to try sugar cookies... I don't know why? But these sound amazing right about now!

  3. YUM, yum yum! For someone not into cooking that much, I want your Kitchen Aid Mixer haha!