I love this time of year when flowers start to bloom.
I was so excited when I saw these in my front yard. 
I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday... 
Yeah, I'm cool enough to have instagram now that it is available for Android. 
You can follow me @alexbewalter.

Anyway, about five hours after I took this picture they were destroyed! 
All over my front porch. Sad right? The little boys that live downstairs ruined them. 
I was so ticked.

On a brighter note, there is a lot of exciting things coming up.
We are moving in about two and a half weeks.
Matt's birthday the beginning of May, I will be graduating two days after.
Then our THIRD anniversary shortly after.

Lots of changes coming which will be exciting and scary all at the same time.


  1. i still like you. i'm sorry about your tulips.

  2. Where are you moving to?!? Changes are so exciting :)